Skillful listening that creates authenticity with health, family, community and global interactions.

The quality of our listening skills directly impacts creativity and potential for growth. There are four main quadrants that depend on listening skills, or they collapse. Our body health, family intimacy, work capacity and global needs. 

There is a reason being heard creates creative growth. It reflects back that we have a place in the universe. We belong. We are valued. The skillful use of listening seeks to give to each living thing an honored and dignified place on this shared space called earth.  

Listening Skillfully.


1. Connects us to our body. Listening begins with ourselves, our access to feelings and thoughts wanting to be authentically heard.

2. Transforms pain into wholeness. Listening that is focused on well being, by law of nature, must address pain. Pain is information asking to become whole. Listening must include pain in order to know the authentic steps of action that lead to wholeness.  

3. Inspires growth. Authentically listening builds inspiration through accountable actions. 


Authenticity with health, family, &community

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