Power. Pain. Action.

1. Listening to your core Power.

We either have or can create an inner source of confidence. An internal quality of space is what grounds us, reminds us that we are greater than the messages of our misunderstandings. We learn to listen to this space for one main reason, it lowers our stress defenses that blocks internal and external communication. It gives us the strength to patiently find the reflections, questions and physical presence that empowers health, intimacy and trust. 

2. Listening to Pain.

Vulnerability is taught to defend itself in this world. In living systems pain is part of the growth process. Listening to pain means we learn how to pause and name what is blocking communication. When we learn to get uncomfortable and listen to pain,  steps of action lead to trust. 

3. Listening to Action.

We need to have a place – body, family, community, world – that allows us to communicate our inner value. Being seen as valuable means being heard by our inner heart and each other. Being valued gives us support by increasing our energy, our compassion, and ability to communicate. Listening demands accountability to be truly authentic. 

These steps give us a foundation. It offers us personal vitality, loving intimacy, purposeful service in community and a span of understanding within a complex noisy world. Giving value teaches us how to increase our value. Giving our body and others a safe space to be heard, to work out miscommunication through valuing each other’s pain, provides a foundation for inspiration. 

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